Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Vice guide

Now-hubby also pointed me in the direction of this. Really I owe him the majority of credit for funny/cool things I find on the Internet. Every once in awhile I can show him something awesome, but usually he's the one sending me links. Which I love him for.

Anyway. This one is the Vice Guide to Being a Lesbian. Which, the Vice Guide to being Gay is also pretty hilarious. But this little paragraph about strapons from the lesbian one is the best ever.

There’s also something really awesome about being able to gag a girl with your fat cock, and then take it off and wash it in the sink. Imagine having that nonsense in-between your legs non-stop. What happens when it’s hot outside? Where do you put it when you sleep on your side? Makes zero sense. Also, dick slapping a girl with a peen you bought just cause it’s called The Vamp and came in a box with Twilight shit on it is really funny.

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