Sunday, June 19, 2016

Home Alone

Update on testing status: I had my appointment this past Thursday. The gyno, along with a lecture about using condoms, did a cervical culture STD test. I'll go back in three months for a blood test (incubation periods for HIV being longer than for STDs that are tested by a culture test). 

In the meantime, both boys are gone for the weekend. Now-hubby has been off at Lakes of Fire since Tuesday night, and Frisbee left Friday night for a tournament with his club team. Here's what Willful Girl gets up to when she's on her own.

Friday night, I went as the +1 to a hotel party with a gentleman I know from the gang bangs. He had arranged it, invited one other couple he knew, and then that couple invited a couple they had played with before. Sex party networking at it's finest.

Highlights of the night included the husband from couple 1 and I unofficially taking over the hotel front desk for a bit while we waited for couple 2 to arrive. Ordering birthday cake for a gentleman that came in during our front desk take-over only to deliver it to the room he had said he'd be in and unwittingly stumbling upon another sexy party. 

Birthday boy was sadly not in the room (either I misremembered which room he said he'd be staying in or he lied about it). Hilarious coincidence nonetheless. The wife from couple 2 and I shared the cake in the hallway. Waste not, want not.

The wife from couple 2 and I then headed back to our appointed sex party where I took her into the bedroom. I sucked on her nipples and played with her clit while she gave her husband a blowjob. I put on a latex glove to finger her and experienced the amazing feeling that is a woman's orgasm around my fingers. 

I drove myself home around 2 in the morning, because Saturday morning at 9 am I had another gentleman coming over for morning sex and I wanted the pretense of sleep before that happened.

I actually set an alarm for 8:30am because if I have the chance to at least wash my face and brush my teeth, I feel moderately more sexy. 

Said gentleman arrived right at 9am, and we spent the next hour engaged in various activities including me fucking myself with a dildo while I gave him a blowjob. Near the end of our time together, he bent me over doggy style and slid his fingers in my ass while he fucked me. I had an orgasm that reduced me to jello, and after he left I fell back asleep for another few hours.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Fallable Girl

This past weekend I pitched my metaphorical tent and went back to frisbee camp. (Well, there's cabins at the campsite, so I wasn't even pitching a literal tent, know. Dick jokes at any cost.)

The gentleman I had met last year and I spent the week leading up to camp exchanging text messages about whether we were going to revisit our extracurricular activity schedule. As I was dragging my suitcase and a 24 pack of Modelo across the fields to the cabin my team had claimed, he yelled across from the entrance to another cabin where he had reserved the entire cabin just for us and pushed two beds together.

We'd also spent a bit of time discussing different things we'd be interested in trying this year, since we were planning on having more than just one evening to fraternize. That first Friday evening, I spent an astounding amount of time going down on him (my request). Then he pushed me face down into the mattress and fucked me in the ass (his request). This was all before the bonfire officially kicking off camp had even been lit. After rejoining the group, drinking around the fire, and eating some classic campfire food, we went back to the cabin and snuggled in the pushed together bed.

Saturday morning, I woke up to his hands running across my body and him kissing the back of my neck. I am a sucker for morning sex. There's something incredibly intimate about being probably at the most unappealing part of your day and not caring at all. (Seriously, just getting past somebody's morning breath sometimes... Not to mention puffy sleep face and how messed up your hair gets.)

We had left the condoms on a table across the cabin last night. After several minutes of him fingering me, me reaching back to stroke his dick, I arched back and he pushed into me. And I...didn't stop it. He didn't cum inside me, but there was a decent amount of continued, unprotected intercourse.

I want to be explicitly clear that this wasn't a forced situation. I'm not putting any blame on him and I'm trying to manage the amount of guilt I've felt about it since. It was a situation that shouldn't have happened, and I'm endeavoring to move forward responsibly.

Step one: Tell Now-hubby and Frisbee about it.

This was honestly the most difficult part. Even though they're amazingly understanding men, I had no idea how they were going to take this. It's one of our relationship guidelines that I'm fluid bonded to them, they're fluid bonded to me, but we use condoms when having sex with other people. Again, I'm incredibly lucky to have these two particular men in my life. Now-hubby was disappointed but knew I was already doing a decent job mentally berating myself. Frisbee told me it was okay not to be perfect and that telling him was the important thing. Both men have decided they're going to use condoms when they fuck me for the foreseeable future until -

Step two: Get myself tested.

Unless you're worried about pregnancy, there's not a lot you can do immediately after the fact when you've engaged in higher-risk sex. I had to tell the scheduling woman at my gynecologist's office this, which was surprising. She wanted to schedule me for an appointment ASAP after asking me sotto voce if I, "had reason to be concerned." Granted, she's only in charge of the schedule book, but being aware that incubation periods are a thing seems like it should be fairly important to know in any facet of an office that provides women's health services. (Here's a helpful little graphic about common STDs and their incubation periods.) I scheduled the appointment for a few weeks from now and we'll move forward depending on what the results say.