Monday, July 30, 2012

It's simple, we blog the Batman

Yes, I finally saw the new Batman tonight. Before we begin this little blog, I would just like to formally state that I am not a comic book nerd. Of all the things I am a nerd about, comic books are not one of them. So any points I might make about the comic book universe should be taken with that idea in mind.

First, let's just say that Joseph Gordon-Levitt was in the movie. So...

Then Cillian Murphy showed up and I was all:

Between uncomfortable ladyboners, I also got a chance to evaluate Anne Hathaway's chops as Catwoman. Now, bearing in mind what I have already said (the whole part about not being a comic book nerd), Catwoman is one of my favorite female villains. I appreciate that she is sort of a strong female character. She's certainly less of a, "oh noes, she's going to use her sexy wiles to stop 'good' from happening" villain than characters like Poison Ivy or Mystique. I also like that she is sort of goofy, in the way that a lot of times she just causes trouble so Batman will show up and she can be all, "I just created this elaborate plot so you would be here and I could make sexy moves at you." (This time I'm referring a lot more to old-school Julie Newmar or Lee Meriwether Catwoman, although it's also happened in more recent iterations as well.)

Anyway. if you'd like a more intellectually written piece on female superheroes, I point you here.

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