Friday, July 27, 2012

50 shades of Grey's Anatomy

Because who doesn't love a Jeopardy Before and After?

So, I just finished reading A Mind of Its Own, which is all about the cultural history of the penis. Interesting stuff, indeed. I got it from the library in tandem with The Technology of Orgasm (actually got them inter-library, because my library is not bad-ass enough to have either of them, whatever. Point still stands.) Which is about "hysteria" and it's treatment.

In any case, I'm not very far into Technology yet, but this little comparison fact had me all like this.

From Mind of Its Own, Leonardo daVinci first accurately described the anatomy of the penis in the 15th century. From Technology, it took until the 18th century to "develop a complete and meaningful vocabulary of the female anatomy." 300 years! 300 goddamn years. People knew what a boner was and the basics of how it happened 300 years before anybody was like, "oh, so you're saying there's like...different parts to the vagina?"

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