Sunday, January 6, 2013

Penny, do you even science?

In which I discuss nerdery. And why in the hell nerds have to fight amongst themselves about the right type of nerdery vs. the not good enough kind. I mean, you're already part of a subculture. Why the infighting and stupid status bullshit? Is it because as part of a subculture you just can't take being accepted, so you have to create drama even within your own community?

It all stems from this morning, when I found a link on twoX about the "fake nerd girl" meme. Which I'll save you all the hours of Google research I did on the topic and just post this picture from the article, which I think is the one that says the most:

Although I'll also link you to albinwonderland's awesome video on the subject. (She has some generally very cool videos in addition to this one, so worth checking out her YouTube channel.)

In any case, the general gist behind the whole meme thing is that "hot" girls can't be nerds. Which I feel as though Kameron's point is especially poignant on that statement. What happens to every awesome but not totally boob-tacular cosplay outfit at cons? Maybe they look just as fucking awesome. Examples to follow.  It's a bit of Rule 63 of the Internet. If you don't give us strong female characters to emulate at cons, we will take male characters and dress up as them because it is better than trying to dress up as the comic industry's ideal of what a woman is and then being mocked because of it.

Yes, I did include two Samus Aran. Because she is fucking awesome. And no, for those of you looking for a fight, I can't name all of the references for the rest of the linked cosplays. But I don't consider myself any less of a "nerd" because of it, so take your rage boners elsewhere.

(Special thanks to the German for that particular image.)

So I'll leave you with this, because I always love throwing in semi-related articles at the end of my blogs. Prost.

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