Friday, July 20, 2012

The look

There are two types of looks I get on a fairly regular basis from other women.

The first type comes generally from straight women. (Assuming, of course. One never knows. About the straight part. Or I guess about the women part either. Whatever. The world is a confusing place. Moving on.) At some point in conversation, they'll mention something about how silly it is to be a woman, i.e. "don't you just hate how long it takes to put on make-up? But you do it anyway because you want to look pretty tee-hee." Or they'll say something about how completely impossible it is for women and men to relate, because they're just so different. á la, "All he wants to do is sit and watch football, I just don't get it!" Either type of statement is inevitably accompanied by an exacerbated expression and then a sort of, "you get it because we both have vaginas" look. When this happens:

(Side note: Brave was really not that great of a movie. But it's an applicable reaction gif. So there you go.)

The second type happens only in specific instances where another slightly dykey chick and I catch gazes. For example, I was at a job interview today and waiting in the little lobby area thing. Another lady walked in with shorter cut hair, and then this happened to both of our faces.

Alright, so it's never that smooth or obvious. It usually happens a bit more like this.

Like a little, "hi there, I see what you've got going on there and I acknowledge it's sexiness instead of wanting to question it or make you feel uncomfortable."

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