Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ride the pain into the pleasure

Found on one of my new favorite tumblrs:

When I'm subbing, I like pain. I also like being what some would call "bratty." This means that I often get quite a bit of pain, which is awesome. There have been times when I've orgasmed strictly from impact play. Let me rephrase that a bit - I typically orgasm when subbing for impact play. Like, almost every time. 

Sometimes I get in trouble in the "scene" as it were for being too sexual about things. Which, in the long run, winds up being that I'm in trouble for being a woman who enjoys sex. (There's actually quite a few good parts in Sex at Dawn about how stupid the fight against female sexuality is.) Or, I guess, it's okay for me to be a woman who likes sex. But I'm supposed to like it in it's clearly delineated and approved methods that exist to turn on the person that I'm with, not actually serve any purpose of my own. When I'm hit, I'm just supposed to cower and mewl and be all, "Yes, Sir. Whatever you ask, Sir. Your every wish is my command, Sir." When I'm hit, I'm supposed to say, "Thank you, Sir." Or possibly be counting the strikes. Or, you know, start crying or something. But I'm not supposed to moan, or be too into it.

Impact orgasms are good orgasms, too. I once wrote a very interesting internet comment about the difference between orgasms from nipple play (which can happen, usually when I'm on my period), and vaginal orgasms, and orgasms strictly from clitoral stimulation. I guess what it comes down to is being a woman is freaking amazing, because all of those are completely separate orgasms, and they all feel entirely different when they're happening. Impact orgasms are the kind that once they happen, I have to either call out the safe word or completely stop play, because any touching of any kind is too much stimulation at that point. Impact orgasms are a slow build-up and happen almost without me being aware of it. Impact orgasms are the kind that completely wipe me out afterward. I just want to cuddle soft things and feel fuzzy and awesome.

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