Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ignorance is bliss

So, despite all evidence to the contrary, knowing things about sex is sort of important to me. (If you're not catching the overly facetious falsification there, then I'm like this, because you're cute and things.)

Therefore, it's interesting to me to find people in the world who just don't know about sex. These are very different types of people than the ones who know about sex but are repulsed/confused by it ("You mean you let him put his wiener in your butt? Guh-ross.") These are the types of people that actually laugh along with laugh tracks on sitcoms, because if a computer generated approximation of human laughter is telling you something is funny, then it probably is. They accept the standard narrative of sexuality and relationships because that's just what gets talked about the most, so it must be correct. Every once in awhile they might get this nagging feeling that something is missing, or that they aren't quite getting exactly what they want, but they don't even have the words to express what that is.

When I do the online Mistress thing, inevitably I get guys who message me who don't know anything beyond the fact that they want to be dominated. They don't know what type of limitations they have, what type of kinks they're into, nothing. The majority of them just tell me the idea of a "strong" woman telling them what to do is exciting to them.

I guess it has a bit to do with recognizing difference and wanting to know more about it. If you spend your entire life being sort of "status quo" as it were, it's difficult to articulate exactly what you're looking for when you step outside those bounds. If you recognize being different early on, you have to explain to yourself in addition to everyone else around you both why you're "weird" and also why it's okay that you are.

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