Monday, July 16, 2012

Trigger warning

Subtitle to the post: why you won't ever see it on this blog.

I don't believe in trigger warnings. For those not particularly in the know, "trigger warning" is something that gets thrown around before somebody is going to say something potentially offensive. You know, like "fart burgers" or something. (I'm again being overly facetious, it's a particular habit of mine. You might as well get used to it.) It's supposed to somehow protect people who will get butthurt over words, which is a stupid concept for me. Personally, if anything, I think "trigger warning" gives more power to potentially offensive words.

I'm a big believer in language as a social construct. And the idea that language is malleable depending on the context of who you are talking to and the tone of voice being used. I won't go into the whole idea that you have to be a member of some community in order to use a given word. That's also bullshit. The idea that you need to have some sort of pass code or badge that somehow gives you the right to use words. I have very close friends who can use "trigger words" around me and evoke laughter, and then I have people who have yelled "trigger words" out of their car windows at me just because they felt that somehow I was a lesser human being than they were and I deserved to be upset about it. And I've had instances in my life where things were distinctly shitty because of an emotional/physical thing, and then specific emotional/physical things that have brought me back to those instances in a not very good way. But regardless, trigger words are just words. Sticks and stones and all that good stuff. In any regard, I don't feel the need to put anything in this blog ever about it. know.

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