Thursday, September 13, 2012

What a twist

Having recently started a new job, the paperwork came in the mail today so I could name beneficiaries. If I die in some freak accident they can decide who gets to dry their tears with dollar bills instead of tissues. Part of this paperwork asked me to write down the exact date that Now-hubby and I got married. Since I'm not really the type to keep track of such specifics, I asked if he knew.

He pretended to be offended until I pointed out that he didn't remember either.

At which point we both laughed like Santas at opposite ends of the scale.

Frisbee came up at work recently. In the way that we were having a discussion about what we were doing on the weekend and I got asked a question that I couldn't honestly answer without bringing him up. At which point everyone made this face, which is pretty typical whenever people think they know me and then I spring the whole, "oh, also I have these other people I sometimes have sexytimes with."

Anyway. Both of those things together, also connected to a conversation I had with the German recently about M. Night Shyamalan, got me thinking. For those people I meet in traditional relationship land, the mental gymnastics have to be interesting when I divulge information like I don't remember the day I get married or have other partners besides my husband (not that those two things are correlated in any way). I feel this way sometimes when somebody I wasn't expecting to be particularly religious ends emails or phone calls with "God bless" - I have to sort of take a step back and readjust to how I interact with that person.

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