Sunday, September 16, 2012

Ordered to specifications

I was spending time yesterday being a sub during my alma mater's football game. We played terribly, so I wound up being quite sore by the end of the game. For clarification, the football team played terribly - the actual D/s play was fairly alright (by "fairly alright" I of course mean I had about a thousand orgasms and it was fantastic). I also got to experience my speaker wire flogger firsthand (I've used it on subs before, but haven't had it used on me yet). That fucker hurt like a bitch.

Between my team sucking their own dicks and me being punished for it, we wound up comparing sex stories. These are the best types of D/s relationships for me, where I can be all bent over the footstool getting paddled at one point, be called a dirty little whore while getting fucked and cum harder than I have in awhile because of it. But also just sort of hang out and have fun with the other person. That's amazing.

The question came up about my "type." i.e. if I have a specific sort of person that makes me all like this.

You know, that gives me a Bill Paxton sized boner all Big Love episode 102. (I couldn't find an actual picture of it, so enjoy this gif instead.)

And I replied that I don't necessarily have a "type" so much as I have "specifications." Not to say that the physical specifications of somebody like James Deen

 or Jessie Sparkles

doesn't rev my motor.

But I also realize that those are sort of the Holy Grail as far as my vaginal arousal are concerned, so I'm not going out in everyday life with unrealistic expectations.

So, yes. There are certain things I look for in a potential fuck. (We were speaking purely in that sense, not of what constitutes relationship potential, which is sort of a different matter altogether.) For me it has a lot more to do with intellectual capacity and a general rating on the crazy scale than any actual physical accoutrements. As an aside, I tend to be a lot pickier and more exacting when it comes to the intellectual capacity and crazy scale rating of ladies vs. gents. As I explained it to my friend and to Now-hubby, men tend to get stupid when they think they're going to get laid. You never know what is going to come out of their mouths. But women tend to just be crazy and capable of verbal diarrhea from the get-go. This is just personal experience.

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