Monday, September 3, 2012

Counting time

This weekend was a bachelor party for a friend of mine. He's an interesting friend, because really our entire relationship is based on 2 incredibly inebriated days when we went to [adult swim] campus rep training. (The program has been disbanded now for a long time - we came around just as good things like Harvey Birdman

and Squidbillies

came on.

Also lesser things like 12 oz Mouse or Stroker and Hoop. Seriously, I won't even gif link to the second two because they are not worth the time.) We've stayed in touch over time, which is definitely odd but I also enjoy it because he's a cool guy to be around.

In any case, the bachelor party was a fun time. We wound up taking a trolly thing around Chicago, which was cooler than I had originally thought it would have been. Invariably the discussion turned to marriage, because this was one of those "hang out with friends and be responsible adults" bachelor parties and less of a "let's get sparkly tits put in our faces and pretend we don't all have boners around each other" type of party.

Mostly it just reinforced for me how much I actually leave out about my life when I'm talking to people I don't know. I tend to answer a lot of questions sort of by lying by omission. I don't have to specifically bring up being in more than one relationship right now to answer this question, so I won't. There's a part of it that's about convenience, that I don't want to do the inevitable round of follow-up questions. Seriously. Hanging out with a bunch of straight people (perhaps at some future date I'll write a clarifying entry about what exactly I mean when I say that) - it's just...difficult enough to try and explain why I got married in a court house. Or why I don't really keep track of how long I've been married. The fact that I kept my last name. Those things are mind-blowing enough. As therapy lady is fond of telling me, I can be part of a community without having to be the representative for the community to everyone I meet and still be authentic. I'm still working on how I do that - the line between answering questions honestly and having to answer all of the questions is a difficult one.

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