Monday, September 17, 2012

Standard programming

A friend on Faceyspace recently posted a video of one of his friends getting engaged. You know, the standard fare where a bunch of people are around and then the guy gets down on one knee and the girl is all like, "omg of course yes!"

and then she starts crying and all the people applaud and are like, shitting rainbows of happiness.

(For those curious, yes, I do have a few gifs of people and animals actually shitting rainbows, but I figured we'd leave those for some other day.)

I wonder a lot of the times what is wrong with my brain parts that I don't think stuff like that is awesome.

Not that I think people shouldn't be allowed to do it, I'm not that militant. It's just sort of a self-curiosity to me. Where did my wiring step off to the point that I'm just sort of meh about the whole thing?

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