Sunday, April 1, 2012

Never knew girls existed like you

I'm currently reading the book Incognito: The Secret Life of the Brain, mostly because Jiz Lee said she was reading it. And, let's face it. If a sexy genderqueer porn star like Jiz Lee

is reading something and finding it interesting, you better well pick that fucking book up and read it as well.

So far, it is quite interesting. And the author is quite a ladyboner.

The only issue I am encountering is ye ol' straight white male perspective. Which is not as pervasive as in, say, books like Dr. Louann Brizendine's. Which I know is a confusing statement to make as she is a female author, but it is possible to buy in and write about the SWM perspective without actually being a SWM. 

It's just sometimes disheartening to be bashed over the head with the neuroscience perspective that regardless of anything else, men like X and women like Y because hormones and beta receptors and subconscious evolutionary survival thoughts. (It should be clear at this point why I decided against a career in anything that required more than a working knowledge of science.) It's the same reason that I dislike being told that I can't have casual sex because of oxytocin, or that I'm not allowed to do half of the other things I do because somehow my lady brain should be stopping me from all of that. It's on the one hand interesting to learn about how the brain functions and what type of things are truly subconscious behaviors for human beings in general (some of the stuff Eagleman writes about as far as the visual receptors of the brain are pretty mind-blowing), but on the other hand extremely disheartening to have to always break things down to the "he said, she said" version of science, where heteros can take a quote out of a book and somehow justify their worldview know...brain science. 

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