Sunday, April 22, 2012


The moral of the story when it comes to getting a blood clot and spending 3 days in the hospital is apparently this: don't. An alternate moral might be, if you absolutely have to, make sure that you either live in a country with socialized health care or have insurance that will cover more of your medical costs than mine did.

Therefore, a lot of my paychecks get spent paying off medical debt, which is bullshit and makes me variously unhappy. With the extra few pennies I have left every two weeks, I somehow slot it in so I can still do occasional "fun" things (i.e. munches, gang bangs, drive down to see people I like spending time with, etc.)

Priorities come in when there are other "shoulds" to spend money on, i.e. a cousin of mine who is having a baby shower. Somehow I can't get it up to spend any money finding baby things for her, but I can find an extra $12 to buy one of my subs a tag for his collar.

Similarly, I try not to think about how much money I currently have inked into my skin permanently. (I've done the math before, it's not an insignificant sum.) When it came time for me to buy a new computer awhile back, I flaked at the price tag, even though I'd easily spent over that to sit in a chair and have somebody poke ink-filled needles into me for an hour or so.

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