Sunday, April 8, 2012

"O face"

This weekend was ye ol' monthly gang bang, which is always a good time. This was the third one I've been to with the same group of people. Typically around 35 men to about 5 women. This time there were a lot of newbies, which is not necessarily a problem until the party actually started and I realized I had forgotten to mention the "o face." (I brought it up at the beginning of the second party only because it was irritating the first time I went to have to stop every time to assure everybody I was okay. More explanation to follow.)

When I cum, it tends to be fairly intense. When I have multiple orgasms (as sometimes happens when I have upwards of 5 men with their hands, cocks, and mouths all over me), it can sometimes get to the point where I look like I'm having a grand mal seizure. Think something a bit like this:

I seize up, I buck around, my back arches, I stop breathing sometimes, eyes roll, etc. etc. For those who are unacquainted with the way I orgasm, it can be kind of scary to witness.

I have at two different occasions actually passed out while having orgasms. Luckily both times were 1:1 type of situations, and were with men that I knew and trusted. The first time it happened I had no idea, but the second time I could sort of tell it was coming and was able to warn the guy (I do come back on my own, but it's just sort of a pleasure coma for a bit).

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