Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Just a girl who can't say no

Being a person who doesn't do the whole "date" thing because I prefer the "hang out, possibly have a good time, and then touch each other's genitals" thing can make things interesting. Not just because it's a personal preference that I haven't really found shared with many others, but because it welcomes up a host of opportunities for self-reflection. (One of my most/least favorite things about my upbringing is my tendency to over-analyze everything. It's helpful in some situations and annoying in others.)

The point of reflection comes in at steps two and three in the "alternate 'date'" process. (Step one: collect underpants. Step three: profit!) Let's say I'm out with somebody, and step two (possibly have a good time) is not going as well as it could be. I won't get Alanis with my 21 things right now,

but let's just say there are a few missing points. In the past, I have usually gone with the Underpants Gnomes way to deal with this and skipped straight to step 3.

More recently, I've come to realize that I can be sex positive and slutty yet also not have to fuck somebody just because we've gotten past step one and step two. From experience, if step two is a struggle, step three is not really enjoyable anyway. But I don't have to keep going to step three just because that's sort of the premise of the "date" to begin with. It's an interesting thing to realize.

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