Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I do both Jay and Jane

As a semi-related factoid on this blog entry, I have recently started wearing boxer briefs regularly again. Damn, those things are comfortable. Anyway, on to our regularly scheduled entry (which is of course a joke, as I just sort of write these as ideas pop in my head).

I like to equate my queerness to dual citizenship. Whereas the latter (holy shit, can you tell I've been working on a paper for my master's class recently?) gets to be a citizen of two different nations, I get to be part of two awesomely disparate yet completely similar genders. And yes, before everyone gets all up in arms about, "there are more genders than just two!" I acknowledge that as a possibility. So please just take a deep breath and keep reading.

Again, I don't mean to get all guidance counselor (apologies again to my giant guidance counselor fan-base). The best part of dual citizenship is being able to shut down on comparisons and preconceptions and just accept people as people. The second best part is it gives me an opportunity to bust people's chops about their preconceived notions about the "other" gender. Third is an acceptance of what I like, and how I like it, that is completely unconnected to what I'm supposed to like. That fells nice.

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