Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Party all the time

This past Saturday was the final sexy party of January 2016.

Now-hubby and I headed to a CPP where there was about a 6:1 ratio of "experienced" folks to newbies. I continue to mention the ratios not because they really make a difference, but because I like meeting new people, so newbies are always fun. For example, at this party I had an engaging conversation with a gentleman who had moved to the United States from Germany. We talked about Döner, FKK (Freikörperkultur), and all the things there are to do in Berlin. 

I met a fantastic woman and we traded stories about our tattoos.

I shyly asked the most handsome man I've ever seen if I could give him a kiss. A closed-mouth kiss (it being his first party he wasn't looking to do much beyond observe) that made me so flustered I couldn't speak afterwards.

Near the end of the party, one of the newbie women told me she'd never been fucked with a strap-on, and was curious if I'd be willing to fuck her with the Feeldoe.

I spent a majority of this party with my Feeldoe on (securely held in place by RodeoH briefs). It all began when one of the party hosts offered up "Sex Party Bingo" (think...standard bingo game but with things like "Eiffel Tower," "Blowjob," and "Multiple Orgasms" as categories to mark off). When it was made clear that I could initiate any of these categories in order to mark them off, I grabbed a lady I knew from several other parties and my Feeldoe. We quickly completed at least 4 categories (Now-hubby graciously helping with the Eiffel Tower). 

Sex Party Bingo awakened my competitive nature regarding sexual activities. In other facets of my life, I'm disinterested in winning. I'm more the "have fun and heckle those who are taking it to seriously" type. Sex, though. Sex I want to do the best. Similar to my squirrely nature when I'm among normatives, I tend to get hyper-sexual at sexy parties. It's the same behavior with a different impetus. Among normatives it's because I feel as though I have to somehow re-establish myself. 

At sex parties it's the overwhelming positivity of being in a group of like-minded people that makes me fidget until I can finally get all my clothes off.

Being in a group of thirty other people who I feel comfortable being naked around is a hell of an anxiety take-down. Whether we're going to be fucking each other or just talking about great vacations we've taken, I enjoy the opportunity to literally bare myself without risk. As one of the gentlemen at the party eloquently put it, asking for what you want and using clear communication at sex parties is extremely good practice for when you have to utilize those same skills with all your clothes on out in the real world.

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