Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dick blog

I'd like to point you to this Sinfest comic. Which is neat and stuff, because seriously, fuck the gender police. (Not an actual police task force, in case you were worried about that.)

I used the Feeldoe yesterday to jerk off. I put it in, turned the bullet on, and then used some lube on the dick part and jerked off. It was phenomenal. After having used it a few times, my main complaint about the Feeldoe is that the bulb part always pops out when I cum. Jerking off with it was awesome because I could use one hand to sort of hold it in place (which also pressed the ridged part up against my clit), and the other hand to work the dick part.

When I have my dick on, it's like a phantom limb realized. Psychoanalyze all you want about it, I just know that when I have my dick on, I have a dick. It's not a toy or a fantasy, it's my dick and it feels awesome. Of course, yes, I can't really get into the cultural and physiological mindset that is "maleness" (however the fuck you want to describe that), I just know that having a dick is an awesome feeling, and rubbing it until I cum is an even better one.

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