Thursday, February 27, 2014

Ride it, my pony

Last night I was invited over to a friend's for some pegging. My friend knew another gentlemen that was interested in trying pegging, so my friend served as the liaison between the two of us. Because that's what friends are for. Recognizing a fetish two people have in common and then getting those people together.

I got a chance to wear my new RodeoH as part of the experience. Which, seems very...femme of me to talk about the fashion of the harness I was wearing instead of giving you all graphic details of the pegging experience. Whatever. It's my blog and this is what I want to talk about. In brief (haha, underwear pun): We met, discussed things like hard limits and safe words (because consent and communication with sexual partners is important, ya'll), then he sucked my cock for a bit before I bent him over on his hands and knees, fingered his asshole and then fucked him in the ass for about 40 minutes.

After a completely horrific experience with Velvet Nest, I ordered a harness from RodeoH. (I'm not even providing a link for Velvet Nest, because I'm that upset with them. Long story short, ordered a harness through them, hadn't received it a month and a half later. Never got any responses to my customer service inquiries. If you're looking for a harness, they're the last place I'd recommend trying.) I got just the black boxer harness from rodeoH, and it was pretty damn fantastic last night. I also got the purple panty-type one, but I ordered it a size too small, so I have to wait to exchange those for the next size up. But the experience with the boxers was really good, so I'm looking forward to the other style as well.

Here's all the things I like, in my typical "3 things" list fashion:

1. Style

I liked the RodeoH harness because it looks like regular underwear. There's a little "O" ring in the front where you can put the dildo through, but otherwise they're styled like typical underwear. Also, they're super sleek and sexy looking. Okay, maybe I don't look as ultra-awesome as some of the models they have on their website, but I still felt I looked pretty damn good in them.

2. Comfort

Wore the harness under my jeans to where I was meeting up with my friend and the guy. They're definitely tight, but not uncomfortably so. There aren't any straps or hooks or what-have-you that dig into your skin, and the harnesses are fabric, so they're soft and comfortable to wear.

3. Ease of operation

Getting the dildo into the harness is literally as simple as slipping it through the built-in inner pouch and out through the "O" ring in front. I was a bit worried that the dildo would slip around during play (I've had harnesses in the past where I'd have to adjust straps, rings, and snaps frequently in order to keep a dildo in place), but however rodeoH's figured out the mechanics, it's fantastic. I used a dildo about...5 inches long. Maybe an inch to inch and a half thick. I'd say if you were going to use anything much thinner there might be a problem. It seems like the "O" ring can stretch to accommodate thicker dildos, but thinner ones might knock around a bit.

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