Thursday, January 28, 2016


Intrepid readers, by way of Poly Weekly I heard of this article on non-monogamy that had been published in Cosmopolitan. Yes, Cosmopolitan

And...I have absolutely nothing negative to say about the article.

It's a profile of 3 different folks who are each in some type of non-monogamous relationship. Two of the relationships profiled are not the healthiest (one is a cheater within the non-monogamous structure, and the other is a One Penis Policy set-up), but the author presents all three with minimal additional commentary, which is refreshing. It helps present the problems as based on the people within the relationships, not problems somehow unavoidable because of the structure of the relationships. The author puts emphasis on the idea that healthy relationship choices within non-monogamy (communication, honesty, flexibility) are also good ideas for monogamous relationships. Also, interspersed through the article are factoids about the history of non-monogamy and what's been found in studies about relationship satisfaction when people are open.

Good show, Cosmo.

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