Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The one where I watch Masters of Sex

Showtime has a new show out called Masters of Sex. It's about the groundbreaking research that William H. Masters and Virginia Johnson started up in the mid 50's about physiological sexual response in humans. Kinsey had already done the, "let's talk about sex" bit and gathered people's verbal accounts of how often they were having sex, what type, etc. etc. Masters and Johnson tried to figure out the "how" and actually gather some laboratory data on sex.

Initial impression of the show: it's pretty good. There are some super cringe-worthy moments where you realize that the way people think about women and sex in fucking 1956 Missouri are, for the most part, the same way people think about women and sex now. I feel like when I watch something like Mad Men, I can at least think to myself, "Man, things for women really sucked back then in the work place, but at least things have improved now." When I watched Masters of Sex and saw Virginia get slapped in the face because she likes dick and that apparently makes her a "whore," it's incredibly sad to think that viewpoint is still out there today. Also that couples still limit themselves to incredibly unfulfilling, "functional" sex to make babies. Ick. That's depressing.

You could also probably have a drinking game to this show where Masters suggests something incredibly sexy (such as watching a woman masturbate with a glass dildo that has a camera on the inside), and then says something about how he's only doing this for science. SCIENCE!

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