Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Breaking the mold

To illustrate a point on how the whole "being honest" thing is difficult sometimes. The student I work with goes out to a job site at a Walgreens at the end of the day. I go with her to provide interpreting services, so yesterday as she was working in the card aisle I saw a cute card that I wanted to get for Frisbee when we do our super dessert extravaganza weekend (spoiler alert, Frisbee, if you're reading this - you're getting a card as well as chocolate chocolate chip cookies). I picked out the card so I could buy it, but there's also a job coach lady who is at the job site with us. "Oh, cute card. It's for your husband?" It's...such a fucking simple question. And one I could really easily just say, "yes" to and be done with it. I only see this job coach lady for an hour a day. I typically wear my wedding ring to work, so she knows I'm married. Is it really necessary to go through the whole, "well, it's actually for my boyfriend" spiel with her?

For those who are curious, I didn't. I just answered "yes" and left it at that.

For those that weren't there (i.e. everybody) you can imagine this fantastically awkward 10 second lag time between when job coach lady asked the question and when I could work out all of the above in my brain before actually speaking my answer.

For those of you who I might meet in the future (i.e. possibly lots of you), please don't take these lag times as an indication that I have some sort of processing disorder. I'm just trying to figure out if I can trust you slash if it's worth my time to be honest with you about myself.

In unrelated news, I finally finished watching the movie Fling* tonight. According to IMDB original title was Lie to Me, which honestly is a way better indicator of how this film views open relationships. It's one of those, "oh, these people think they're having fun being all 'open,' but they're really incredibly depressed and are just using the sex outside the primary relationship to find what they really want." Which is the second most famous type of film about people in nonmonogamous relationships. The first kind is where an otherwise happy couple stop having sex for some reason and decide to open up to fix that problem. In either type of movie, everybody always winds up either monogamous again or incredibly unhappy and alone. I have yet to come across a movie where the open/poly/what have you people both stay together in an open/poly/what have you fashion and are happy. *sigh*

In happier news, Poly Weekly played this at the end of one of their more recent podcasts, and it's a pretty groovy little tune.

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