Monday, September 9, 2013

Having my cake

Frisbee and I got into a discussion this weekend about straight people and how adorable they can be sometimes. Like when they want to tell you a story about their "freak" of an ex-girlfriend who really liked to give head. That's it. That's what counts as "freak-dom." And then I have to try really hard to not crack a rib from holding in either the sass or my laughter. And then I have to try not to be too sad because if giving head counts as "freaky," what type of sex are these people actually having with each other? Then I have to remember that it's not my relationship and I shouldn't spend so much damn time worrying about it, as long as both people appear to be happy with said relationship and level of "freakiness" they're engaged in.

I feel like most people would be very disappointed to learn that the moments I'm most in love with any of my gentlemen are those when things distinctly not freaky are occurring. Such as: Watching (read: making fun of) Firefly and eating chocolate ice cream with Frisbee. Holding hands while out on a walk with Now-hubby. Skyping with the German even when we keep all our clothes on.

What was a surprise to me is how their mutual interests reinforce my love for all of them. For every time I mention something Now-hubby is interested in to the German in the manner that I'm rolling my eyes with how incredibly nerdy it is, and all he has to say is how he's into the exact same thing. Or when I travel with Now-hubby and Frisbee together and wind up on one side of the table sipping wine and exploring my own thoughts while they go off on some tangent. Those are the moments that I feel incredibly lucky.

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