Monday, September 2, 2013

I'm a real boy

Now-hubby and I spent yesterday at home together being lazy as we both had the day off of work. It was incredibly awesome, as the two of us rarely get time together that involves just hanging out doing nothing. I finished Storm of Swords and spent a good majority of the final chapters just like, "oh my god I can't believe how incredibly insane this is."

After that, Now-hubby and I went for a walk outside so I could bring the book back to the library slash enjoy the weather. I would have picked up Feast for Crows but the library was closed, so that'll be on the agenda for today.

On the walk, I filled Now-hubby in on what had transpired over the weekend. Mainly, a sex party with Frisbee and some mutual friends on Saturday night, and then the Renaissance Fair on Sunday. The two wound up being an interesting juxtaposition, because I spent Saturday night having consensual sex with other adults, and Sunday listening to straight people talk about all the ways they really really want to have sex, but can't because...I don't know. The reasons never really crystallize for me. It's like I hear straight people talking about them, and if I'm not in the mood to sass they just sort of wash over me.

I talk a lot of sass when I'm hanging out with straight people because I feel like despite our different approaches, we're ultimately looking for the same type of relationships. We just go about them in opposite ways. I tend to start at point C (sex) and work my way back to point A (getting to know the person and seeing if a relationship could be sustained), while straight people start at point A and hope eventually to get to point C. I've run into the misconception that because I start at point C, points A and B matter less to me. What's point B? I don't know, some middling part where the people agree to do something in an "exclusive" manner. Points A and B, with the right people, can be completely awesome. Cuddling with either Now-hubby or Frisbee makes my heart feel awesome to the point that it almost hurts. I also really enjoy point C with other people, and don't get why I should invest tons of time in point A and B before getting there. I asked Now-hubby about it yesterday, why the straight people we encounter overall have less sexual partners, but also seem to have worse experiences with said partners. It's almost like you have neither quantity or quality, which begs the question of what exactly you're trying for.

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