Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Gender fuckery

My internal, "Pride is coming up, time to get freaking excited" internal clock is beginning to tick. Chicago Pride is the 24th - a little more than 2 weeks away. I'm already craving club music, dykes on bikes, and drag queens sweating off their heavy eyeshadow. I know I've already mentioned Pride here before, and how freaking awesome it is, but it bears repeating.

In related news, I was talking to a straight (but kinky) friend last night about what I like about using a strap-on. (Totally unrequested conversation, by the way. I tend to just sort of meet up with my friends and say, "good evening, we're going to talk about strap-ons tonight." And then blather loudly over all their protestations.) <-- Entire parenthetical statement was a joke, for those of you having trouble keeping up.

The conversation eventually wound it's way to the idea of "forced bi," i.e. a submissive being put in a situation where they were made to somehow interact sexually with someone of the same gender. (I believe the same sort of scenario could apply to gay/lesbian submissives, as a sort of "forced straight" thing.) It was a very interesting idea for me, as a card carrying member of Ye Ol' Queer Brigade. I believe the first time I had a naked woman available to me in a bed the only thought running through my head looked a bit like this: (Where of course Neville is me being a spaz about it, and Seamus is my subconscious reaching levels of spaz heretofore unknown to man.)

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