Wednesday, June 20, 2012


4 days left until Pride and counting. I've already picked my Pride anthem for this year (not necessarily an actual ritual, but it just happens to be on the radio recently, and the buildup and bass to the chorus is so deliciously mid-90s club that I can't help myself).

One of my favorite parts about the whole group alliance thing is being able to watch everyday occurrences and interpret them in very gay ways. In the previous sentence, I am of course using "gay" in the only way it was ever meant to be used, to mean ridiculously more awesome. Case in point, I have been on a classic movie kick recently. Guys and Dolls and It Happened One Night and such. I was talking to Frisbee (if you're reading this, hooray! Now you have a completely arbitrary and sort of boring nickname as well) about Aladdin being the second gayest Disney movie. The most gay? Little Mermaid. No contest. Now-hubby and I constantly debate whether or not Clark Gable was gay (I am for, he is against). I would say at least 75% of the dancers from Luck Be a Lady were friends of Dorothy.

That's another thing that's totally gay (again, read, "ridiculously more awesome"). Our vernacular and history is awesome. Things like the hanky code are this neat little peek at how a culture makes itself work when you can't just go, "well, I have a penis and you have a vagina. Let's insert the former into the latter and make a baby as the Lord intended." I am, of course, not trying to imply that all straight people have boring textbook sex. But as Blink-182 once said, "We believe in the love that exists between two vaginas." Yes, I realize that's not really a cohesive argument at all. All my brain cells are currently residing in what is the last bits of my Master's thesis (I tried for a Mistress degree, but they only had Master's. Hurr hurr.)

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