Friday, June 28, 2013


I think I figured out how to use the Diva Cup successfully! Everyone!

Here are my 3 tips:
  1. Horizontal, not vertical. The Cup is not a tampon, and if you try and put it in like a tampon, there will be problems. I found, once I had it folded into the U shape, that it helped to use my pointer finger to sort of guide the Cup in and make sure it stayed horizontal the entire way through.
  2. Push it as far in as it'll go. The FAQ says the end bit should be no more than half an inch inside your vagina. I tried this, and got nothing but leaks. I found when I put the cup in so the end bit was resting closer to my pubic bone (the best way I can describe this if you put your finger inside your vagina about an inch and push up, you should feel like a bony ridge), results were a lot better. Also, since I was using my finger to guide it in, I could also tell when the open end was closer to my cervix.
  3. Clean it out. Yes, the Cup. But also your vagina. When I take the Cup out, there's always a bit of goopy period blood still hanging on. (Also note: Take the Cup out slowly. And when I say slowly I mean fucking slowly. I've accidentally gooped blood either on my underwear or on the floor a few times this month, and that is very annoying. Go slow when taking it out, especially when the open end is coming out, and it's better.) So I'm still rinsing out my vagina as well as the Cup every time I change it. It's not that annoying unless you don't have a bath available.
In additional news, if you're looking for a fantastic user's guide slash manual for the female body, check this out.

Otherwise, commence the celebratory dance party!

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