Friday, June 21, 2013

Exciting vaginal updates

  • I have officially started my period today. Which marks the beginning of the 2nd month of my trial with the Diva Cup. Hopefully it shall go more smoothly than the first. Less leakage would definitely be nice.
  • Have been using the Lelo balls for about a half hour every day since getting them a week ago. (It honestly feels like two weeks, I am bad with calendar numbers. Thanks be to blogger for keeping track of things for me.) I started out with the two pink for about 4 days, then did one pink/one blue for 3 days. So far Now-hubby hasn't mentioned anything specific about tightness during sexytimes, although he did say something last night when I was just sort of...resting on top of him and his dick was between my labia hotdog style. I guess I was tensing and he could feel that. I haven't seen Frisbee yet this week, so I don't have his input. Today, though, I put in two blue at once and it was like instantaneous horniness. I don't know if it was my vaginal muscles working that much harder to hold in the blue ones, which was similar to them clenching when I orgasm. I just know I was in an immediate and pretty intense state of arousal. And yes, I did masturbate with them in (using my Hitachi, so external stimulation only), and it was fantastic.

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