Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Getting carded

If you ever want a very quick crash-course in a lot of ways that relationships are weird, go into the greeting card section of a store.

I was in one just today, trying to pick out a wedding card for my coworker that's getting married.

Weddings are SRS business, guys.

For some reason I thought I could find a card about how they both secretly hate each other. Or one of them is probably checking out sexier people when the other one's not around. Or what a time suck being in a relationship is.

Then I remembered that's cards for anniversaries and birthdays.

You hear that, people? You get one day to be SRS and happy with each other. Then it's back to the bullshit, inevitable suffering. Oh, sure. You can pick out that sparkly hearts anniversary card. But we all know what you're really thinking.

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