Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sex sells

I can't even properly begin to get into the whole, "let's put conventionally attractive people in our advertisements because it will sell things!" There's also a bent to it of the ever popular, "women just want to talk about cooking and cleaning things." As though women can find a shirtless dude sexually appealing, but only if he's also doing something stereotypically feminine while having his shirt off. I'm thinking especially right now of the book, Porn for Women. (Pro tip: beat your head against the wall to try and alleviate the pain caused by the intense brain-fucking necessary to process why people think this way.)

Which brings me to the actual topic of today's entry: Kraft's new salad dressing ad campaign.

You know what? Let's forget everything I already said. The main issue I have with this ad is the tagline. "Let's get Zesty?" Instructions unclear - I poured salad dressing on my crotch. Now I have a zesty UTI. Thanks, Kraft.

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