Thursday, July 24, 2014


For those who might be interested, the 50 Shades trailer came out today:

First point of order: This thing is going to come out on Valentine's Day.

Second point of order: It...doesn't look terrible. Which, I hate to fucking say that out loud.

While I'd lump the 50 Shades book in with My Immortal in terms of actual literary fanfiction merit, the fucking movie trailer has me all, "oh, look, there's some things representative of my sexual culture" and interested in seeing the damn thing. They don't, of course, cover any of the emotionally abusive stuff from the book in the trailer. But it's almost enough for me to want to see if and/or how they will handle it.

If it turns out to actually be a good movie, this is me:

To keep you all posted on how Frisbee, Now-hubby, and I are doing, I recently put this up on the white board on our fridge.

Because we switched the schedule around slightly so I now alternate Friday nights, and it turns out I am total shit at remembering whose Friday it's supposed to be. So with this handy system I can just change the date on top and move the magnet into either Now-hubby's square or Frisbee's square. You know, just one of those incredibly erotic things about living together that I thought you might all enjoy knowing about.

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