Sunday, July 6, 2014

Defying expectations

It's been almost a month now since Frisbee, Now-hubby and I all sat down to negotiate this whole living together thing.

Exactly one week after that dinner, I left for Germany for two weeks and left Frisbee and Now-hubby to their own devices. They seemed to survive fairly well. While the two of them definitely aren't best dudes forever, it's been pretty smooth sailing so far with them having to share space and more directly share me. I'm planning for the three of us to go out again in about a week and review the whole "living together" plan - and then review it every month after that as well.

Seeing The German was incredibly nice. With the distance between us, our relationship is quite different although nonetheless significant. It's very interesting for me to think that I've known The German now for almost 3 years, yet the amount of time we've actually been able to spend physically together has only been cumulatively about a month. The time and distance between us definitely factors into how the relationship gets maintained, and how I think we're moving forward with it.

I returned home to incredible hugs from Now-hubby and Frisbee at the airport. Two weeks is the longest I've ever been away from either of them. While on the one hand I was very eager to get back together with each of them sexually, I also knew that after my return flight I had to fight jet lag at least a little bit, and having sex would be the surest way to turn my body into a Jello pile of sleepiness.

So I staved off sexytimes in favor of a deliciously greasy Culver's bacon cheeseburger, some Sprite and vodka, and the soccer game. Which is not to say that Frisbee, Now-hubby, and I didn't have sweet, sweet reunion sex. That definitely happened.

After which I fell asleep for about 12 straight hours. 

I'm looking forward to next week being more of a "standard" week as far as scheduling is concerned. I'm looking forward to so many more cuddles, and loves, and phenomenal sex. And writing about it all here, of course. 

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