Saturday, July 12, 2014

Circle slash babies

Here are some things that are going on in my life:

  • I recently bought an Njoy butt plug and have been enjoying the hell out of it during both masturbation and partnered sexytimes. For those of you who really want to be in the know, I got the medium. It seemed more substantial than the small, but I didn't want to pysch myself out and get the large and then not be able to handle it. I'm pretty comfortable with knowing how much my butthole can take at this point, and the medium is fucking perfect. I think the thing I like the most about it, though, is that it came in a fancy little box. I feel like I should be conducting anal play in a cape and crown. Please tell me somebody has encrusted one of these with diamonds and used it as an engagement present. The box is that fancy.

  • Frisbee and I went back to the gang bangs this past Saturday. I didn't play at this one. Frisbee did participate. It's something that's honestly surprised me about the whole non-monogamy thing: how much I like watching my partner have sex with somebody else. It was something, when I thought about it as I was framing how I wanted my relationships to work, that really upped my anxiety levels. I saw it as being a possible huge stumbling block for me. The thought of my partner going out on dates - kissing and fucking other people was enough to make me incredibly insecure. I didn't know how I was going to handle actually watching my partner fuck somebody else. I dealt with the former by asking my partner to give me really descriptive play-by-play details when they got home from dates. I dealt with the latter by apparently just being okay with it. There was this marriage relationship thing I read once (can't remember the actual source) that recommended being able to observe your partner in situations that have nothing to do with you. That it can remind you of what you initially fell in love with, because it brings you back to the context of an outside observer instead of somebody who lives 24/7 with this person and knows all their little habits and oddities. I find this very accurate when I watch Frisbee or Now-hubby have sex with somebody other than myself. It makes me incredibly happy to watch them make somebody else feel as good as they make me feel. (It also really helps that they make me feel that happy on a regular basis as well.)
  • Now-hubby and I went to watch Obvious Child last weekend. He had gone to see it while I was visiting The German, and it was apparently good enough that he willing to see it again with me. I knew virtually nothing about the movie going in except that people on Facebook (notably Planned Parenthood) had been posting stuff about it because the main character gets an abortion. Overall, I thought it was really good. Like 4 out of 5 stars good. One of the nit-picks was I felt it was sort of a conceit that the main character, Donna, was allowed to be a woman who was funny because she was a stand-up comic. Although Jenny Slate is a stand-up comic in real life, for purposes of the movie it just sort of rubbed me wrong that she couldn't just be a woman who worked in a book store and also found dick and fart jokes hilarious. Because dick and fart jokes are hilarious. Also, I get it. Donna is quirky (vomit). I don't need a scene with her sitting inside a box when she's supposed to be filling said box with books just so I understand how neat and original she is.

      Overall, though, I think the movie did a really good job being "indie" without being over-the-top indie where some conservative individual might wind up seeing it and go, "well of course that sinning hippie girl got an abortion." I also really liked the female-community aspect to the film. Donna's female friend and mother have both also had abortions. All three women have stories and feelings behind the abortions, but all three abortions also wind up just being events that occurred the same way as all other events in the womens' lives. There's also a really good scene post-procedure where Donna and a few other women are just sort of sitting in the doctor's office all experiencing the same thing but dealing with it individually. Alright, and the "new spin" on rom-com was also really sweet. Mostly I just really liked the movie because it's the first (to my knowledge) feature length film to have abortion as one of it's main topics, yet not have it be all, "omg she has to get an *whisper voice* abortion." No families get torn apart. No friendships get tested and destroyed. No relationships have to end. A woman just makes a choice regarding her body and her life, and the movie follows her through that. I liked that.

(Also, I can't figure out the HTML to get that last paragraph to indent on each line. Buh.)

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