Thursday, July 10, 2014

Hot buttered popcorn

Now-hubby and I had our night together tonight, and we spent it watching The Big Chill. Which was one of those movies where a talented cast of actors gets together and does one of those things normal people do (in this case, attend a friend's funeral), but in a much more actory fashion.

There's an incredibly cringe-worthy scene in the movie where Sarah (Glenn Close) sends Harold (Kevin Kline) off to impregnate Meg (Mary Kay Place). Meg's all baby crazy, and Sarah's all, "my husband has knocked me up loads of times, so I'm sure he's just the one to put a baby in you."

I always feel slightly hypocritical when I do a spit-take to stuff like this. Little Miss Alternative Relationship gets squicked when watching a scene where one woman's husband consensually knocks up their mutual friend. I guess my main issue is that it had to happen via actual sexual intercourse. Did artificial insemination not exist in 1983? Although if I analyze it more, it's an interesting point about how much babies ruin everything. Meg and Harold's sex scene is pretty tame and task-oriented as compared with a sex scene between two other characters that gets cut to during the baby-making ugly-bumping. Like the very thought of a baby is enough to suck the joy out of any occasion, up to and including the act of actually squirting the baby batter into the mixing bowl. Although it's interesting, also, to note that the aftermath of the Meg/Harold sex is way more cuddly and lovey than the sex between the other two characters. Which reinforces the belief that hot, bump-and-grind sex on the front lawn is, in the moment, really awesome but people can't base a happy, fulfilling relationship just on mutual awesomeness at sex. 

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