Thursday, August 8, 2013

Who, what, and where

Relevant story: I was playing Clue with Frisbee and some of the other frisbee folks this past weekend. I never realized that, according to the official rules, when you make a guess you have to not only be in the room you're guessing, but also move the weapon and person you're guessing into the room with you. Let's say you're playing as Professor Plum and about to go into the Library to make your own guess, and then Mr. Green pulls you into the Hall to accuse you of murder. Then you're stuck trying to make it all the way back to the Library (unless Green gives something away with his guess and you don't want to go to the Library anymore). It's sort of an interesting sabotage move. Also, I guess it's a thing with the frisbee folk (not in the official rules) to sometimes guess cards you have in your own hand? I'd never played that way before, either. That was fucking confusing.

In any case, this is sort of a neat analogy about how game rules relate to polyamory. The author uses Monopoly, not Clue. Side note: I dislike Monopoly as a board game. But sometimes I would make the little characters from the Monopoly board fight gang wars with themselves using the weapons from Clue. That was fun.

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