Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Past perfect

Switched at Birth madness!

First of all, Daphne and Jace - if you're going to be Facetiming about your secret plans to take down the senator, do you think maybe this would be a good time to use only ASL? Why are you speaking and signing at the same time? This seems like a fucking perfect way to get caught. Everybody in the fucking office and at the spa can hear you talking about your secret plan.

Secondly: The scene where Bay and Emmett are watching a movie they made. "Night of the Living Deaf." No, it's not that type of movie. It's like a zombie flick they did in ASL together. They were dating when they made the movie. That's important, I guess. Anyway. So Bay and Emmett are watching the movie together and there's a scene where they kiss. And oh man wouldn't you know it but Bay's current boyfriend walks in just as they are watching that scene.

And like a totally normal boyfriend, he gets totally jealous because the person who's kissing him now used to kiss other people, and that is totally fucking unacceptable. It also makes it worse because Bay is still sort of friends with Emmett instead of hating his guts and refusing to hang out with him like a totally normal ex-girlfriend would. Imagine that, right?

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