Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Time Tested

In good news, James Deen has an interview in September's Glamour which, although only one page long, is very good. He's an eloquent motherfucker, that's for sure.

In not so good news, I was late for work today. A coworker had asked me to cover her shift, and I forgot to write it down on the calendar at home. Thus, about an hour of the shift was missed. For all intents and purposes, not a great thing, but also not a completely unforgivable thing either.

At the end of everything, I gave myself points for not falling apart into a total wreck about making a mistake. I didn't feel good about missing part of the shift, but I didn't completely shut down emotionally, either. I was angry with myself, but only for about an hour or so. I didn't spend an entire day inside my head telling myself I'm not good at anything because of this. It's something therapy lady and I talked a lot about. Not stopping how I react to things completely, but trying to lessen the amount of time I spend reacting to things and the severity with which I react to things.

Sometimes I can't keep my shit together when everything is perfectly fine and awesome. So being able to keep it together when something not so awesome happens is a good feels.

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