Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Voted most likely

The school year is beginning again, and with it all the fantastic team building exercises that are forced upon workshop participants. Build the tallest tower you can using only paper plates and straws! Sit back to back with a partner; one of you describes a picture and the other has to draw it. Get it? We're working on clear communication and being a good listener.

Honestly? I feel like they should just have you do this damn stuff during the interview process if it's so important to job function. Maybe instead of asking that question about what a person's greatest weaknesses are. "I'm sorry, your resume was stellar and your references all check out, but you couldn't work on a team to play a game of charades without being a total ass-hat, so we're going with a different candidate."

In any case, we were in our classroom today setting things up for the students to come in tomorrow.
We have a few new full-time assistants, so those of us who have been there longer were going over the dynamic of the room. As part of this the lead teacher had us include, "something important to know about you" in our intros when we were introducing ourselves to the newbies.

Since I've been pretty good about the whole, "be honest in appropriate situations" thing, I decided my "something important" was going to be telling everybody about Now-Hubby and Frisbee. I think I phrased it as, "I'm married, and am also in another significant relationship." One of the newbies totally shocked my by saying she has a relative who's in a similar type of relationship. And the rest of the newbies just sort of moved on and accepted it.

Cheers, fellow co-workers. Let's go write some acrostic poems and share them with the group.

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