Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Friend is a four letter word

I came across this little blog entry yesterday about the "Friend Zone." Mostly it's good stuff, but then the author mentions this bit:

Instead of putting my interests out there, and risk being rejected (and lose the right to hang out with her), I held back and waited for some sign from above (or for her to make an obvious move).

Lose the right to hang out with her? As though an admittance of feelings somehow "ruins" whatever was there before and you have to completely nuke the entire situation?

I don't know. I'm admittedly not very good at the whole "friend" thing.

So, as I do in situations like this, I spent a few hours trying to analyze it in my brain. Aided, of course, with tons of useful information from the Internet.

Then I found this advice thing on how you can salvage a friendship if you've completely buggered everything up by telling the other person you have feelings for them. Despite being hilarious all on it's own, it also has pictures! Pictures! So you can figure out exactly what your facial expressions should look like as you do each of the steps. (Tip One: Put on eyeliner.) You know, in case you were a secret robot or something and needed that extra visual reinforcement to figure out what humans were supposed to do in a situation like this.

I also stumbled upon this, which despite how much I wanted to hate it (Psychology Today = ugh. Also, that blog title. Gah.) I just couldn't bring myself to. I read it like 4 times trying to find little bits I could pick apart and make fun of. I even took the time to read through some of her other articles which have titles that made me go all rage boner and then text that actually had me liking the way she writes and reasons about things a lot. Damnit.

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