Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Willfulgirl gets waxed

Chronologically, about a week ago. Specifically, the pube area. I only did a bikini (sides) wax, not the full Brazilian (all the way up your butt crack as well, usually leaves just a "landing strip" of pubes on top). I like the full bush up top look.

It didn't hurt nearly as badly as I though it would. Said Now-hubby, "you've got your hood and your nipples pierced. How bad can a bit of hair removal be?" And results are fucking phenomenal. I really like it. Especially since I got a good tip off tumblr to use a refined sugar/olive oil exfoliant every day to reduce ingrown hairs.

I was planning to tell you all about it, and then I found this funny thing about pubes just now, so it reminded me.

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