Friday, August 3, 2012


Despite what social niceties would have me believe, I tend to find certain physical attributes attractive. Of course, this is not by any means an exhaustive list. And, of course, yes, there are other personality things that matter quite a great deal when I'm considering getting together with somebody (for example: can you make me genuinely laugh?) But just given optical input? Here's what I look for. (Since I like to be all equal opportunistic about things, I tend to be attracted to these things in either gents or ladies.)

1. Hands

Hands can do a lot of things. This also parlays into a thing about fingers. Which are attached to hands (in most cases). When I see hands/fingers, my mind automatically goes to the way they would look/feel holding onto my hips, wrapped around my neck, or possibly covered in spit and slowly rubbing against my vulva. (For women especially, fake and/or overly long nails are a deal breaker. I know it's a cliche, but seriously. Anybody who has experienced the sharp knifey stabs of long fingernails in a vagina or tried to clean their own fingernails after finger fucking's just not a good idea.)

2. Jawline

Specifically that little area where the jawbone meets the earlobe. I tried to Google it. If there's an anatomical name for it, I don't know it. It's awesome place to put kisses. So if it's a clearly defined area, I can more vividly imagine said kisses. Which is fun.

3. Hips

Semi-connected to the first point. The hips are a good place to put hands, so it's sort of a secondary interest point for me. Also, before men get all bent out of shape about things, men do have hips. Not in the same voluptuous awesome way that ladies do. But in a way that I can definitely hold onto while giving head or having sex in the missionary.

4. Tats

Not a given. It depends on the ink in question.'s definitely an interest for me. Also, good talking point.

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