Saturday, August 18, 2012


At suggestion of the German (you've finally made it to not-so-obscure nickname status - congratulations!), I recently watched a little film called Turn Me On, Dammit (hereafter shortened to TMO for brevity's sake). If you want the better, NSFW trailer that he sent me and not the watery-down version on the IMDB site, klicken Sie hier.

If you were at all planning on seeing this movie, and don't want any spoilers, then I suggest you don't read this blog entry. You could maybe go play some chill games or something instead.

So, my thoughts. Mostly, I just thought it was cool how a lot of things were pretty standard. It's sort of a sex comedy for teenagers, but not another one of those where there's soo many hilarious hijinks and possible tit shots that you could almost vomit preteen hormones everywhere.

Something I've always disliked about "teen" movies (even when I was a teen - which was admittedly awhile ago, shut your mouth, whippersnappers) and movies in general is the repetitive formatting. Sometimes you'll come across one that is so distinctly standard format that it almost transcends into goodness (a notable example to this being The Break-Up, mostly just because they didn't get back together at the end. Sorry, spoilers there too), but mostly you just get stuck watching the same formulaic bullshit. i.e. "Okay, now in this part they're going to have a big fight about something that actually boils down to a miscommunication. But by the end of the movie they'll be all sucky face with each other again, so no worries."

What I mean to say by all that rambling is it was nice that the town was small in a realistic sort of way (having grown up in a "hole" myself, I appreciate when they're represented accurately), that Alma and her friends party and drink and be teenagers and stuff, but not in a way where they're reduced to those singular traits of teenage-hood. It's also not shown as this totally depressing thing like, "OMG this is all there is to do here."

The only thing I thought was a little unfair was how Alma was really the only horny character in the movie. I get that she's the main character, so it's sort of her story. Mom dates the turnip boss (many laughs were had about turnip mining, as I grew up in an area where mineral mining is one of the professions people do), and you see Alma's friend Sara date that Kjartan guy, but there's really nobody else who's dtf like Alma is, and it's sort of disappointing. It's not until fairly late in the movie that anybody even says, "there's nothing wrong with you." There's this sort of vague edge of sex positivity to the whole thing, but it's also shaped like Alma's sexuality is somehow farther outside the bounds of "normal" than it should be.

In general, I thought it was really good, though. Danke to the German for sharing it. :)

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