Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Nice guys finish last

I tend to hang out with, and be friends with, more gentlemen than ladies. I've stopped trying to rationalize it or excuse it to myself or anybody else. It just happens that way.

In any case, being friends with gentleman inevitably means that I am introduced to friends-of-friends (this happens with lady friends also - where you start to have mutual friends just through your little singular friendship).

Something interesting I've noticed in regards to the mutual gentleman friends, though, is how they excuse themselves if I know a particularly juicy tidbit about something stupid that they've done. (Or, to be more specific, a juicy tidbit about someone they've done. Hey-o.) Usually it just breaks down to the standard sticking your dick in crazy story - some lady that the guy intrinsically knew it was going to be a bad idea to fuck, but then fucked anyway. Variants abound, so I won't go into specifics. Although it seems like a rather human error, I tend to see gentlemen making the mistake far more often than ladies (which, on the flip side, you can argue that's just because women are crazier. Whatever. I'm all for equal opportunity sexual stereotyping).

When I meet these particular gentlemen mutuals, it always seems very important for them to make it clear to me that's, "not really who they are." I don't know where this comes from. If it's that I'm a woman, or they're afraid somehow that one hilariously stupid sexual experience is going to tarnish my esteem for them (even though, in most cases of mutuals, I meet them very rarely and don't spend too much time obsessing about their ridiculous sexual exploits).

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