Monday, May 28, 2012

Maybe if I kissed the way you do, you'd feel it too

First, I just want to take a small moment to say, Mother Fucking Sally Draper!

Second, I'm to the point in Fifty Shades where she's more or less agreed to be his official sub. I sort of like that she's a little sassy about the whole thing. I don't know yet if they're playing it because she's inexperienced with the whole S/m relationship thing, so she thinks she can somehow "get away" with this type of attitude now, or that's just the sort of lady that she is. I'm hoping for the second option. Hopefully. (When she sent the email with the subject, "Shouty Capitals," my own little internal sassy sub clapped her hands in a very gleeful manner.) I'll keep ya'll posted. In any regard, it's shaping up to be better than I had anticipated, which is surprising.

Third, I love this tumblr. It's time I introduced you to it.

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