Friday, February 1, 2013

Playing doctor

We need to take a break so I can talk about how incredibly sexy my optometrist is. Like...holy shit sexy.

I would add "optometrist" to my fetish list, but it's only my specific optometrist that I have dirty fantasies about. It's a very teenage girl crush where just thinking about him makes me all like this.

I'm fucking reading Dresden Files because he told me it was a good series (I'm pretty meh about it.)

But if I read it then that means we will have something to talk about and then he will fall in love with me and we can touch each other's lips together. That sounds totally ultra stupid, but seriously it's that kind of crush.

Irrational, stupid, and completely libido-based. He's an ultra-cute, nerdy ginger who gets very close to me in a dark room, and my brain sort of malfunctions around that.

He mentioned a "girl he dated this summer" today when I went in for my annual eye exam, and I seriously felt my stomach drop because he's supposed to be with me damnit. Then he said they broke up and I was flying in the air with happiness.

I fantasize about him sneaking naked pictures into the eye exam.

Then he pushes me back into the exam chair, and then fucking me in a completely awesome and sweaty way.

I make fucking terrible jokes around him and then when he laughs at them I get all stupid and blushy.

It's one of those things where if we ever did fuck it would either be really terrible and disappointing, or so completely awesome that I would literally turn into jello with how intense my orgasms would be.

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