Tuesday, February 12, 2013


In reference to having a discussion with Frisbee recently about how the word "date" means entirely too many things (all credit to GWS).

Not entirely related, but I liked it quite a bit, so you get some excerpt from Terry Moore's afterword to Strangers In Paradise: I Dream of You.

I wanted to show that we really do need each other, that maybe men and women don't have a lot in common, but we're both here and we really need to try and get along. And we really ought to admit that there is nothing like the touch of the man or woman who loves you.


I mean, try actually standing next to a real woman (man) and really, like, talk to them, you know? Don't check out her breasts when she's not looking, don't check out his butt when he walks away. Quit hunting each other for a moment and talk, soul to soul. We might forget what the media told us to think. We might actually grow to like each other. We might even fall in love.

- - - 

Although I don't necessarily see "hunting" as entirely mutually exclusive from "soul talking" with somebody...I still like the message.

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