Sunday, February 3, 2013

Keeping track

I've recently started tracking calories. I've lost about 30 something pounds in the past 3 years, so it's not exactly because I need to lose any more weight, I'm just generally trying to keep track of what I'm eating during a day. I use the loseit app, which is pretty fun and stuff. I like that I can scan bar codes on most foods and just have it show up how many calories are in that thing. Minor point of annoyance is eating at Subway, when I had to input the entire fucking sandwich part by part (wheat bread, turkey, spinach, tomatoes, etc. etc.). It took me like 20 damn minutes just to put in one 6" sandwich. Also, Curves workouts give me a specific daily calorie loss dependent on the workout, but the app doesn't have adjustable workout calories, so I have to just get as close as I can.

But then there's this "exercise", which is pretty hilarious:

There are three different "intensities" available: passive, general, and active. For future reference, you can make out with somebody for 3 hours and only burn 65 calories. Half an hour of "active" sex burns just as many. If you make out for 3 hours and then have half an hour of active sex, you've burned 130 calories!

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