Monday, January 28, 2013


Besides the lack of capitalization that makes me sort of like this,

the actual content of this article is fucking hilarious. Seriously. When Always was first coming out with the Infinity line, I bought my regular boring Always pads and they had like a special "try it out" Infinity kit in the box. Also, does anybody else feel like feminine hygiene products are sort of like automobiles? The model's Always but the make is Infinity. The kit looked a bit like this

and I just remember laughing until my lungs hurt at that fucking glittery purple carrying bag I was supposed to store all my feminine products in.

Maybe it was just my generation, but anybody else remember those horror stories in Seventeen magazine where the girl's in high school and thinks she's pulling a sandwich out of her backpack for lunch, but it's really a pad? Or trying to get a pen out of her bag and accidentally grab a tampon instead? It's just one of those things that is supposed to happen to women but you're not supposed to like...ever talk about it or let you ever see you actually dealing with it. So maybe Always is just being very progressive and trying to make it and sparkly to have your period.

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